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Ma Transhumance

by Suzanne White - on Sunday, August 19, 2018
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What is all this about Healing? I'm on the verge of going home to France where I live. 

Each year I make a seasonal visit to the old country, by swapping my French house for American houses in California. Each year I learn about what is trendy in speedy American life. And after a couple of months of Marin County luxe, I am hungry to return to my leisurely, measured plain vanilla life in Provence. As I come and go, I observe. This year I discovered that California is all about Healing.

I am curious so I pay close attention to what Californians tell me about their healing. Still I cannot imagine from what they find it necessary to heal? A difficult childhood? Too much sunshine? Helicopter parents? A loss of self confidence? Poverty? Anxiety? Cancer? Warts? Grief? I rarely find one person is healing from the same thing as the next guy. 

This year I am slightly sad to be leaving this California dream life. But I will be glad to return to the land of seduction, fine cuisine, holidays, family picnics, rosé wine, wild boar, mushroom hunting and the truffle wars. Nobody in my life in Provence finds it necessary to heal. Provencal people haven't got time for healing.  They are too busy indulging in pleasures, complaining about overpaid functionaries, cheating on both taxes and spouses, carping at noisy neighbors and wishing for the disappearance of overbearing in-laws whose inheritance will help them buy that house in the country with the waterfall swimming pool. 

I can't help but wonder if France's excellent national health system has not got something to do with the fact that healing has not become a trendy indoor sport over there.©sw2018

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