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A DYING RACE - The Boston Brahmins

by Suzanne White - on Monday, September 10, 2018
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Thinking, from here in France where I live, about the "sitchewayshun" in the US today. I can see what's happening better from here. The rich old guard white guys are losing their power. Their numbers are shrinking. The blue blood white families who used to run the American show are fading out, losing ground.

With Trump and co, the nouveaux riches have barged into what was the old guard's exclusive aristocratic territory. The old white geezers with all their hoity toity background, excellent manners and impressive educations don't like Trump. He even disgusts them. (Notice he doesn't vacation in Martha's Vineyard.) Nonetheless they are going along with him because they have no choice. If (and when) they cave in, the Asians, Latinos, Blacks and other sundry (former minority) groups will simply move in and take over. Of course we all know that this trend toward a multiethnic society run by former minorities is happening.

The really smart, super educated former underclass people are waiting in the wings to see a chink in the whites' front line and they will pounce on both the old and the nouveaux riches and drown them out - usurp their power. Whitey is finished, over, dust. And he doesn't like it one bit.

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Best-selling Author/Astrologer Suzanne White is American, but she has lived all her adult life in France. In 1971, she began writing articles for women's magazines and by 1975 had written her first book about Chinese Astrology. Suzanne has published six best-selling books on both western and Chinese Astrology. She has been dubbed the "High Priestess" of both Chinese & Western Astrologies by her readers and critics from around the world. All of Suzanne White's books remain in print and all are available as e-books. Since 1995, White has been a continued presence on the Internet, at first working for both AOL and Disney sites. In 2001, she started her own web site . This most original and amusing web site has been an enormous success and given Suzanne White's name even more global recognition than she previously enjoyed..